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Très bon jeu mais malheureusement pay-to-win !

Bon jeu

Jeu attractif

Awesome until.. It became horrible..

Its been 1 year and a half that I play this game every day, and I never enjoyed more a game than this one. Beyond the fact that to keep your level and rank you have to pay and buy new heroes (its the game, accept or leave), this game became recently completely bugged and impossible to play.. I consider myself a veteran of this game (lvl 94 on 100 / Genie server). Dont take this comment as a "light" point of view. All my money spent is now worthless.. No answer from tech support. No fixing. Im very, very disappointed.


Extremely addicting

So addicted

Dont need to manage a boring town. And Dota heroes...Awesome.

Eh muito massa

We heroes

Awesome game!

I just love it! I think my boss didnt like so much, because I cant work anymore. I just cant stop playing this game!

I love it!!!

I fking love this fking game!

Bom jogo mas.../ Good game but...

Gms e Devs não respondem, bug nas batalhas (skill dos Bots auto são mais fortes na arena q a dos players normais/duram mais tempo [duke hell last judgment por exemplo]). Gms and devs dont answer, bugs on battles (auto-bots on arena skills are stronger then normal players/or they last longer [duke hell last judgment for once]).


The game is good, but when new heroes appear, the old ones become useless, and that make you spend money to get diamonds to get new heroes. Its a pretty mercenary game.

Less Choices means less confusion

What is extraordinary good, is the way you are guided in hero updates. For each slot per hero and stage, there is only one item that fits it. The interface guides you perfectly(!) in what to do to get the item. In other RPGs on iOS, it often is very confusing to choose between different, yet often irrelevant, choices. Well done! And there is still enough other stuff to choose from.

Real fun

Says it all.

Im hero

Very good Game.

Better than heroes charge

The progression and graphics are way better than heroes charge in my opinion.

Never ever!

This Game is unbalanced like no Other Game i ever saw before. Money Heroes are unbeatable and overpowered ... Just stupid... I guess i could have known before because it is a Chinese Game


Just a crappier version of heroes charge

This game is such a ripoff

First of all all these "original" heroes got ripped off of the actual best MOBA game called DOTA2 this people just made them into cartoons and fatter... So disappointing. Also when you try to get your "free" chest it said you dont have enough diamonds and it forces you to buy pack of diamonds with real money. So you got a game thats a cheap knockoff hero charge with more rip off of Dota 2 and the game doesnt even work. This people should get sued for this incompetence and laziness. Dont download its a pile of garbage

not dota 2 ripoff at all 11/10

all of the visuals, names and abilities are from dota 2, although the game is fun.

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